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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Medical Waste?

Great question! Refer to our article for more information!

2. What Goes in the Sharps Disposal Container?

Sharps include, but aren’t limited to, needles, syringes, culture slides and dishes, broken glass, lancets, scalpels, broken capillary tubes, broken rigid plastic, laboratory slides, and exposed ends of dental wires

3. How do I package my sharps waste?

Because of OSHA safety regulations we cannot accept loose sharps in any waste container other than an approved sharps container. Fill sharps containers to the fill line (usually 3/4 full) and securely close and snap the lid. Place the secured sharps containers in the biohazard waste containers.

4. How much experience does Environmental Waste Systems have in the Regulated Medical Waste industry?


At EWS, medical waste disposal and consulting is our only business. Our founder has been involved in the medical waste industry for over 17 years. We have extensive experience servicing everything from small offices to the largest hospitals in our region. Our drivers receive a minimum of 30 days on the job training and all required state and federal training. We also require background checks before we allow anyone in your facility.


5. What does EWS supply customers?


EWS supplies customers with biohazard shipping containers (either fiberboard or plastic), liner bags for the shipping containers, and tape. We are also happy to do a free OSHA checkup and walkthrough of your facility at the time of set up.


6. Can we put amalgam, mercury or x-ray waste in the biohazard box?


No, EWS cannot accept or transport these hazardous materials however; we can connect you companies that offer this service.


7. Where should we store the medical waste at our facility?


Medical waste should be stored in an area that is inaccessible to the general public. While every customer’s situation is unique, many customers use a closet or storage area to store medical waste until pickup. Your EWS service representative will be happy to assist with locating a suitable storage solution.


8. What do EWS customers do to prepare the box for shipment?


One of our company’s goals is to reduce your staff’s downtime. The EWS will handle everything necessary to properly prepare your waste for transport.


9. Is there any paperwork for us to fill out during each pickup?


Our manifests are all digital. An employee will need to be available to sign off on our pickup of the waste. After the destruction of the waste, you will be sent your final copy of our manifest. These will be kept on file in your digital dashboard for documentation of “cradle to grave” disposal of your waste. You may wish to keep a copy offline as well.


10. Why such good prices? Will you start raising rates as soon as you get us like the other companies?


We promise not to give you the introductory offer that we’re all familiar with from credit card and cable companies. Our company’s growth has always been through increasing sales- not rates.

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