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Locally Owned Since 2012

Medical Waste Service 

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Medical waste service built for you, provided locally.
Local for the right reasons

We were founded in 2012 because we saw what national providers were doing to local medical companies, and we just couldn't stand it. They seemed to only be trying to get the large contracts, and were leaving offices with outrageous prices and poor service. There had to be a way to provide better service at a better price to our friends in the medical field.

We set out to do just that.


We're not a middle man or broker. We're not a publicly traded company. We're not going to charge you based on some algorithm of how much you can afford. 

We are a family owned company that means business.

We'll give you the disposal service you need, when you need it, at an affordable price. We're here to help you maintain your business's medical safety standards and biohazard waste compliance requirements.


Trust us when we say you'll be part of the family when we become your medical waste service provider. 

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